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Consultant, Director, and Volunteer in Bristol, United Kingdom

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I Agostino De Angelis on behalf of my firm hereby declare Mr.Simon Thomas as a pathetic fraud and Liar who has cheated our firm of $150,000 usd. He is a reputed financer employed by our firm for Petroleum transactions. He advised us that he had secured funds for us ($220.mill approx.) and to secure this he required banking expenses for the transaction of $150,000 usd. After discussion our firm transferred him the said amount to his account. However, with course of time we found that there was no such amount ($220.mill approx.) with him. Despite our repeated letters to him all we received are fake promises. He even signed agreements, but he returned nothing. We have written to him on many occasions, he given us plenty of promises, and signed agreements, but returned nothing. He is a funder with a paramount reputation in the overall scope.