Simon Wilby

Simon Wilby, having the passion to invent something new, was born Cinderford, Gloucester, England, but passing some years over there he was relocated to Calgary Canada. He always keeps trying to improve the advantage of things. Thats the reason that Simon Wilby is in love with the trophies which took his creative mind to Barbados.

Having the curiosity to make out the reason behind the things and technologies, how they work, he always uses to attract towards modern techniques. Simon Wilby is always wants to give an easier place to the world which is environmentally friendly to live. After the invention of a solar powered battery case for cell phones in 2066, Simon Wilby was the one to market The Smart Solar Battery Charger. Despites this credible invention, he also created a solar powered street light system which has been approved for purchase by the government of ST. Vincent and the Grenadines Islands.

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