Simon Wyatt

Bridgend, Wales

Secret Origin:

Wyatt was born with graphite running through his veins and a wild imagination. After devouring Star Wars Weekly Comics and various Marvel / DC titles as a child, he became majorly influenced by the artwork of John Byrne, the Buscemas, Alan Davis, Mike Mignola, Arthur Adams, John Romita Jr, to name a few. It was a John Byrne Iron Fist reprint in a UK Marvel Superheroes comic which inspired him to become a published comic artist and he has never, ever given up that dream.

Wyatt was also awarded winner of POW!’s Cataclysmic Contest of Awesome Art by none other than Stan (the Man) Lee himself!

He has produced other types of illustration work – magazine covers, spot, book & educational illustration, gag strips, calendars, cartoons and caricatures (and has also created some concept art for role-playing games and Iron Maiden’s design studio!). He also (time willing) produces figure sculpts.

Recent published paranormal illustrations have appeared in Haunted Maidstone by Neil Arnold, various illustrations for Paranormal Magazine, ranging from bizarre monsters, to real vampires, bigfoot and extreme military scare tactics, The Real Men In Black by Nick Redfern and Discovery Channel’s Unexplained files Episode 5 (The Mothman).

Previous and current work for Orang Utan Comics:

Pencils: Danick and The Dragon - Eleventh Hour #2 / Eleventh Hour Collector’s Edition / Eleventh Hour Vol.1

Full colour art: Valhalla – Hall of Heroes FTL #3 / FTL Year 1 TPB

Pencils/concept art: The Intergalactic Adventures of Slam Ridley

Concept Art: Alpha Gods

Artist: Valhalla - Hall of Heroes

Artist: Danick and the Dragon

Previous/current work for other publishers;

Writer/ Artist full color: The Adventures of Dolphin Man (Hawk Books)

Co-writer/Artist: Mabinogion - Dawn Of The Gods ( Black Tower )

Artist: Strike Team – (Aliens Dropship)

Artist: The Case book of Darkness. (Mondo Comics)

Writer/Artist: The Adventures of Captain Kevv – Space Pirate! (Mondo Comics)

Writer/Artist: Uncle Fausty’s Tales For the Twisted Mind (Mondo Comics)

Artist: The First Step – Short Stack Anthology #1 (Angry Gnome Comics)

Guest cover Artist: Dexter’s Half Dozen #4 (Bearded Skull Comics)

Artist: And He Did/Artist: Senior Citizen - Survival Stories Vol.1 (The Sleepless Phoenix) 2010

  • Work
    • Freelance Comicbook Illustrator, Graphic Novellist