Simon Yates

As the personal web developer of Bryce Wylde, host of CP24's Wylde On Health (Friday's at 7PM EST), Simon is responsible for all web and social media production for his show and other ventures. Working closely with executive producer Nan Row (CTV's The Marilyn Dennis Show), and producer John Simpson, Simon will be credited in the production of his national television programmed, which is expected to air sometime January.

As a partner in NHP Research, Simon is currently working with leading medical labs and compliance officers to extend the capabilities of electronic-medical-records (EMR).

Simon is in constant communication with Research-In-Motion, and has worked with numerous other brands including, Public Mobile, Benjamin Moore, Chapters/Indigo and Apple Canada. Simon is Google Analytics certified by Google, and a "MailChimp Expert".

Technologies he works with most frequently include: PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, REST, HTML5, CSS, JQuery and custom Javascript.

He is founder of and Sybaris Analytics Corporation.