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health insurance in Hollywood, Florida

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Steve Dorfman founded Simple Health with one simple goal in mind: to totally and completely disrupt the American healthcare industry.

That might be overstating things, but Simple Health is nothing if not ambitious. With licensed agents in all 50 states and a straightforward, user-friendly interface tested and retested with real users, Simple Health cuts through the clutter and complexity of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to connect underserved customers with affordable, high-quality health plans. Simple Health recognizes that, though every healthcare consumer is different, all deserve responsive, cost-effective plans that serve their needs through good times and bad.

Simple Health’s pillars include an innovative management team led by a seasoned health insurance veteran, a long-term business outlook that dismisses flavors of the week and focuses on building value for the long haul, and customer service that earns rave reviews.

Customers who request quotes from Simple Health receive customized policy comparisons available in their home states, along with plain-English descriptions that make it easy to evaluate each policy’s merits.

Should customers need more help, Simple Health has a stable of friendly, expert agents standing by to further assist and advise. Agents undergo an extensive, proprietary training process to ensure that they’re equipped to answer any questions that might arise during the quote-sourcing process. Management operates by an uncompromising mantra: “A license isn’t enough.” All prospective agents need to show that they understand what it’s like to walk in customers’ shoes—and chances are, they have. More importantly, the company believes that no healthcare consumer should have to go it alone.

More than an insurance marketplace, Simple Health aims to build lasting relationships with healthcare consumers and insurance partners alike. As the healthcare industry changes in the years to come, Simple Health will be there to build value, broker connections, and provide clarity amid a confusing, often contradictory patchwork of state and federal insurance regulations.