Hasnain Ansari

Saudi Arabia

Hola ppl , I am Hasnain , just an ordinary boy from pakistan currently living in this beautiful country of sand called Saudi Arabia ! living my life to the fullest and thanking god for everything he has blessed me with ! Live Love Laugh ! life is too short to be sad although sometimes you really can't control but just love God and he'll guide you to the right path !:)

God is infinitely greater than a conservative political ideology. Walk humbly, think critically, speak eloquently, answer intelligently, & stay classy. ''@Cakedjake''

I love God and his beautiful creation !!

I am not perfect , nor i live to be perfect but i thank god for what i am ;) Alhamdulillah ! I am a Pakistani made in Saudi Arabia (K.S.A) so i love both the countries equally !!

Things I Love >

I love Travelling

i love ma best friends

i love ma mom

ma family

i love pets

Love meeting new people and just love trying the cultures

I love vampires I love helping people ...

Hobbies > Singing , Skating , Playing a Guitar , Drawing , Photography! and just to affirm i am not among those photographers who are more infront of the camera!

I like learning new languages ! I can speak Urdu , Sindhi , English , Arabic , and Dutch !! Arabic and Dutch not compleletly ;) .....

Sports > Soccer , Cricket , Baseball !!

Fav quotes >

Never Give Up ''Cena''

Rise Above Hate ''Cena''

When I want to read a novel, I write one ''Benjamin Disraeli''

No matter how beautiful the nest is , The Chicks still wanna Fly up in the sky ... (Me) ;)

let your past make you better not bitter =)

  • Education
    • A science student currently studying in New World international School