Saurabh Kumar Bhatnagar

A simple and determined person and professional consultant for Business and Information Technology !

Personal : Lone traveler, great philosopher,a writer, a thinker, a philanthropist, cool headed, dreamy eyes, dwelling mind, beautiful creation, kind soul, complicated thoughts, refuse to be the part of the crowd, believe in creating one's own destiny with God's blessings,creative head with mind on shoulder.

Professional: Ambition and aspirations upsurge high in my blood and genes. Determination and get-up-and-go drives me steadily to the level of cause to achieve the world of impossible. I alone can handle the bundle of task crammed with challenges; I am not the type to shun accountabilities, and idleness is something that vexes me most. Strong will runs from head to toe to hold my sustainability, don’t

wait for the solution to come rather I rush to get it from any nook or corner.
Seasoned HR professional with strong human resource management and operations record in IT services . Specialization in start-ups. Rich work experience of 8+ years in business studies and Information technology with excellent performance track record and proven leadership, excellent project implementation and people skills.I perceive HR as strategic business partner in an organization.
Specialties : Ability to do any kind of work in any situation with 100% accuracy and quality.• Estabilishing HR function in startups• HR Best Practices• Performance Management• Employee Retention• Reward & Recognition• Compensation & Benefits• Talent Acquisition and Engagement• HR Policies & Processes• HR Audit• Employee Satisfaction & HR surveys• Building Career Progressions & Competencies• People & Team Management• Leadership skills• Competency Mapping• Change Management
-Planning, managing and developing the entire HR dept.- Setting up systems and processes, and organising the HR function.•Development of the Human Resources department-•recruiting and staffing at all levels;•organizational departmental planning;•performance management and improvement systems;organization development;employment and compliance to regulatory concerns regarding employees;employee onboarding, development, needs assessment, and training;policy development and documentation;employee relations;company-wide committee facilitation;company employee and community communication;compensation and benefitsce paperwork. Other duties as assigned.

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