Scott Thomas

I live by the idea the idea the simplest solution tends to be the best one. Whether I'm building a website or operatically singing emails the motivation is always "less is more." Back when I had free time I could be found at my C&P; fashioning original letterpress prints and collaborating with a fellow member of the Chicago design collection, The Post Family. But all of that, and my dream of rationalizing the irrational theory of the golden ration, came to a halt when I became the Design Director of the 2008 Obama Campaign. Soon enough I found myself redesigning and trying to impress politicos with my Lincoln-like beard. When the historic election ended I felt that I should record my experience. Two years later, I self-published Designing Obama, a chronicle on the role of art and design in the presidential campaign. Uncomfortable with the publishing industry I choose to kickstart my fundraising efforts by asking community to contribute. I'm still awaiting Obama's rave review. I continue to work on creative projects with a simple, honest, team, together undertaking challenges that will ultimately simplify our lives and just maybe – one day – change the world.