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Taizhou Rimzer Rubber & Plastic material Co., Ltd focuses upon differs of plastic pipes as well as spare parts with regard to textile equipment.

Plasit Bobbins

Our primarily products are plastic material pontoons, like roving hoses, engagement ring tubes, dye cylindre, cone tubes, cylinderical pipes and also thread spools.

As well as extra parts like bobbin cases, carbon fibers, belt, roving guides, rubber blowing nozzles, bottom tensioning devices, wool separators, false twisters, lappet hooks, bearings and therefore on.

Plasit Bobbins

Like a family-owner organization, we have a solid purpose on the products high quality, delivery term and support.

Our products are compliant using the relevant standards along with standards guidelines, such because ISO 9001 and NOISE ISO 368.

You obtain customized and end-to-end pontoons solutions from all of us, creating your yarns much better.