Chris Smith

Chris Smith

I am known for my intensity, integrity, impact, influence, initiative and insight. My word is my bond and honesty is my key value. In short, I deliver result!

I work hard, I live for life and give 100% to whatever is thrown at me.

I am a uncle to twins, I am a adrenaline junkie, I am passionate about speed but more than this I'm hooked on being the person people can rely on.

I live and work by my values:

*family *honesty *integrity *excellence *gratitude *generosity *abundance *dependability and finally *reliability

I have goals, dreams, I aspire to be great and I'm not afraid of this! I will achieve all I set out to achieve one massive leap at a time and though doing so I will grow stronger, better and a more complete person.

My friends know me by either Chris or Smithy, but in truth, I'm simply me.

Thank you .....

  • Education
    • Hartsdown Tec College, Margate, Kent