Bev Ferguson

You should know, first of all, that you are in good hands. I care about you. I began my "Willow House" business in South Carolina in December of 2003. Then it was called Southern Living at HOME. I wasn't looking for a career. In fact I was really worried about standing up in front of others and talking. I also secretly wondered if I knew enough people to have a successful business!

I had six girls to think of (three of them are adopted) and I wanted my girls to grow up with nice things but I knew it would have to be on a single mom's salary.

The items from our company are so durable that my girls could use them every day without worry of the everyday chips and breaks. They could enjoy sitting around a beautiful table and the conversation at meal time became special.

It wasn't long after that I moved to ND to a town of 500 people. I didn't have a relative or a friend there, so I introduced myself and my "hobby" to the community. Remember that I was afraid to speak in front of people, and was afraid that I didn't know enough people. However, I made some wonderful friends, because of Willow House and what it has to offer.

One day I realized that I was having FUN. In fact I was having more fun working in this business with these wonderful people and decided that life should be about having fun each day. That's when I made the switch from having a hobby to having a business. I made director in under a year, and I have never looked back.

Now my team is a Nation-Wide Team. We are strong from the east coast all the way to Alaska. In fact we have earned the prestigious title of "FOUNDING DIRECTOR TEAM". We offer all positive benefits and none of the negative stuff! This could be your business too! You could be in business for yourself, but you never have to be in business by yourself!

I've certainly overcome my fear of speaking in front of others. I've trained at national events and walked across the stage. I earned trips and awards. These things are wonderful for personal growth, but it's the joy I receive when I see my team grow and achieve that truly make me smile. It's the joy I receive when a lovely woman opens her Willow House box and finds it is more wonderful than she expected. It's the friends that I've made that make this a truly amazing opportunity. I love making a difference to others!

I hope you'll join me!

Warmest of wishes,