Simply An-G

Simply An-G

When I talk about me - I think about how... I was born and raised just outside the "Town of the Big House" ... which means Baltimore, the 2nd leading port of entry for immigrants during the 1800s, created one of the most eclectic cities in terms of culture. Many world renowned performers grew up in Baltimore and its surrounding areas. Then there is Simply An-G,

I have loved all forms of fine art all my life. But more than anything -- the performance, that is where my passion lies. Listening to everyone from Rev. James Cleveland to Giacomo Puccini, and everything in between; music is the way I live. I keep a song in my heart for every phase of my life.

As a graduate from The Baltimore School for the Arts, I am a classically trained vocalist. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to sing everything from the sweetest arias to the purest of gospel, pop, rock, R&B and funk. Having performed in musicals globally; as well as perform internationally in bands, military and USO shows, and opeing for pretigious artists; I must admit, the most fun I've had, was doing my favorite cover songs with "Ice" while in South Korea and "Speak Easy" throughout the southeastern U.S.

This is a reflection of all that is me. I would love to share with you music that I have loved over the years; along with some original arrangements to give you an idea of the result of my influences.

So, let's "stir it up" -- Go ahead, I dare you... Stay young, Simply An-G

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