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Hi everyone!

By profession,I am a mechanical engineer and in a world like this,specially in India,it's tough for a girl.Either people don't give you chance or when they do,they expect very low from you.Anyway,I am enjoying my job right now .

When I am not doing any of the above,I am busy surfing the net,reading random articles and watching tv shows,music videos and tutorials.Also,I am an avid blogger and I have 2 blogs-one totally about life,love,travel,just about anything and the other,on my new found love,beauty blog.

Here,I am only concentrating on the latter because I think I want to bring some good to the women,who suffer from beauty issues.I have done product reviews,DIY,makeup tutorials,skincare tips and importantly on eczema. for beauty for life,love,nature & poetry

Do check out my blog,comment on the posts and share your views because I love hearing from you. :-)

  • Work
    • Can't reveal for safety reasons,sorry :-(
  • Education
    • Mechanical & Automation Engineering