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What do you do with apples that you get from your apple trees at home? Do you just eat some, give some away and let the rest of the rot? Hopefully not as there are so many delicious foods and drinks that can be made of apples.

Sure, you can't very well make apple pies for a whole year (actually, you could if you had enough freezer space). But you can also make apple juice, apple compote, dried apples, apple jam or marmalade and apple cider. Let's focus on apple cider in this article, as most people probably have already tried to make all the rest what was mentioned.

Making apple cider is quite easy, the outcome is delicious and you can save a lot of money on soft drinks that you usually buy from supermarket. From one apple tree you can make around 100 l of apple cider, just think what you can do with 3-4 trees?

Firs you need a good cider press. You can get one from Simply Cider Presses, they have something for all quantities and needs. Then you need your apples, it doesn't really matter what kind of apple variety you have, sweeter ones make sweeter cider, or you can add sugar if sour ones are not sweet enough.

Then you put washed apples into the crusher of the press, switch it on. After half an hour you have a bucket full of apple juice. Put that juice in large bottles or jars, 10 liters or more would be perfect. Add some apple cider mix and that special cap that lets bubbles come through. Now all you have to do is wait until your cider is ready. The longer you let it set, the stronger it will be. Pour it in smaller bottles and store for winter. There is no doubt that this homemade apple cider will taste great.

Here are some resources – get a good cider press at Simply Cider Presses, this website has lots of good info on cider making, or you can get more info at this link.