Simply Electronics Scam

If you have heard rumors of a Simply Electronics scam, then you can rest assured that the claims are false. Simple Electronics is a reputable electronics company offering consumer electronics online. Their prices may seem to be too good to be true, but they are the genuine article. If you have been searching for affordable electronics, then Simply Electronics is the right place to visit.

Devoted to their customers and committed to helping you save money, they offer the best prices on consumer electronics. They are dedicated to providing the lowest prices on all electronic products, so you can afford the latest gadgets. Offering extremely competitive prices on electronics, they take the savings even further with free shipping.

While most online retailers charge dearly for shipping, Simply Electronics is able to offer free shipping on orders over $99. However, their dedication to customers extends beyond free shipping. They also offer superior customer service to ensure that you have a great experience.

They believe in taking great care of their customers every step of the way. It starts when you place an order and receive a confirmation. It continues through to the final delivery of your purchase. They will add customer service techs during peak demand times to ensure that you receive superior service.

Other online retailers offer price guarantees and matches, but you have to do the research and find the better prices. Simply Electronics is so passionate about finding the best price that they search for lower prices themselves. If something is being offered at a lower price elsewhere, they will adjust their price accordingly.

They engage in regular market research to ensure that they will have hot items in stock. They not only carry a full stock of hot items seen on TV, but they also carry niche items. With the best prices available anywhere, they also carry high end professional electronic products. They are dedicated to having products available first, so you can be the first to have the hottest new items.

Dedicated to providing customers with a superior shopping experience, they accept several forms of payment. Choose Paypal, MasterCard or Visa for direct payment with Simply Electronics. They have partnered with, RBS WorldPay and Google Checkout for your convenience. There is no Simply Electronics scam, but there is the chance to save money on the coolest electronics.