Simply Put


Simply Put is steadily gaining momentum in the Ontario hip-hop scene since he first began releasing records in 2009 from his room in college. Back then it was just a macbook, a mini-mixer, and a microphone. ("The mixer has gotten decently bigger since then [laughs]. I am thankful to a have the luxury of a few more tools at my disposal nowadays.")

His first record ever released, a song titled "The Northstar" produced by Sunny Blacks, hit #1 on MySpace's ranks for Toronto Hip-Hop. This gained him attention from a then up and coming producer Makemdef. There acquaintance led to two very well received records "I ♥ Haters", and the very popular "Long As There's You". ("I love that damn song man. I just stayed honest and pure with it...the ladies love it to so how the hell could you go wrong, right?")

These two songs led to the beginning of what would become Simply Put's first official mixtape release, "The Wake-Up Call" mixtape. It featured original bangers like the unity anthem, "My People", and the hell'a catchy "In The Clouds" with wingman and fellow up and coming hip-hop artist Spenpire. ("Whatever the fuck that means?! [laughs]")

Simply Put has since been on the steady grind and his name is quickly growing in popularity, from North Bay to Toronto, and now has fans in the US, and overseas. ("I have people hollering from Hawaii, Australia, and Europe... mind blowing! I'm very blessed that people like what I do. I do it for you guys!")

Check out the show schedule for more and more shows across Ontario, and soon across Canada and the US.

RAW DIGGITY collaborative mixtape COMING FEBRUARY 2013!