Suzy Brooks

Instructional Technology Director, Consultant, and Public Speaker in Massachusetts

I strive incessantly to make strong, positive connections with students, families and professional colleagues. It is through these relationships I have found the courage and confidence to share my enthusiasm for all things related to education. Participants leave my sessions with a sharper focus on students and an inspired attitude towards technology. My resume features many presentations, keynotes, awards and special projects I am very proud of. These experiences are a valuable source of reflection in my personal and professional life. The best part? They power my "What's Next?" philosophy.


After 14 years as a teacher, I am the Director of Instructional Technology for Mashpee Public Schools on Cape Cod. I adore my job and our school community. Go Falcons!

I am also a co-founder and Editorial Director for, a professional network designed specifically to magnify the leadership potential of everyone involved in K12 education through the sustainable development of community, content, and learning opportunities. I invite you to join the conversation at Your voice is essential!


Pleased to share my new book, co-authored with Dr. Matthew X. Joseph was released in Fall of 2019. From the same publisher that brought you the Hack Learning series, Times 10 Publications has released a new series: Lead Forward. These books feature world class teacher leaders, sharing the stories and strategies that will inspire you to be the best you can be, while always leading forward. Please check out our book, Modern Mentor: Reimagining Teacher Leadership, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a bookstore near you!


Currently I serve as the Past President of the Massachusetts affilliate of ASCD.

I have worked with students of all ages from 4 to 80. I will always be a teacher to my deepest core..

Traveler. Shutterbug. Speaker. Listener. Daydreamer.

Proud mum to a Coastie ⚓ and a Teacher 🍎

#StrokeSurvivor 💙

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  • Education
    • BS, Bridgewater State University and MEd, Lesley University