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Simply Tablecloths is the leading online UK supplier of wipe clean tablecloths. We offer a cut piece service so you get the exact size you need for your table.

Here are some of the product sets we offer:

> Oilcloth Tablecloths

This is our most popular fabric from our portfolio as it is available in over 100 designs, adds a classic look to your kitchen while protecting your table from spillages. Often referred to as PVC tablecloth, because the protective layer which is used to cover the cotton base.

> Vinyl Tablecloths

These fabrics make great value for protecting your table as they are the cheapest of our range. They start from as little as £4 per meter and can be cut to any shape or size. They can in a large range of designs to suit any decor.

> Teflon Tablecloths

This is our premium range of fabrics. They are the most natural feeling of them all and offer high quality protection, thanks to it's Teflon treatment. This stops liquids from penetrating the cloth and just rests on top for a easier wipe clean surface. Unlike our other wipeable fabrics, these tablecloths are machine washable and last a lot longer.

> Table Protector

A padded solution to go under your tablecloth. These are cut to size of your table top and protect your table from heat damage, knocks and scratches. There are 3 types we offer: non slip table protector, table felt and standard protector. Visit our site for more information.

All of these fabrics can be used as outdoor tablecloths for your garden, especially if you need a parasol hole for your umbrella. We can insert a nickle or brass ring in to the center of your cloth, so it is ready to put on straight away.