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Is looking after your Health on your Agenda?.........

Your Health ........Your Future....Your Choice

Born to Dutch Parents, I came to Australia with my brother in 1953. My Dad was a hairdresser in a well known mining town in Mt.Isa.

While growing up with my 3 brothers and 2 sisters in Mt. Isa, my parents put me through Ballet, Tap and Toe dancing. This kept me quite fit. At the age of 20 I met my husband and we came to Brisbane to live. Thirty-nine years later we have now 9 children and 13 grandchildren.

We have lived and managed many cattle properties and learned to live off the land and grew our own vegetables without harmful chemicals. We Had our own grass fed meat from our cattle that weren't pumped with chemicals. Fresh cows milk, which we made butter from. Plus we made our own bread with organic flour.....So as you can see we have lived without the harmful toxins chemicals that we have in our soils now.......

Now in this 21st century we have major Health Issues caused by the Toxins and Harmful Chemicals through Pesticides, preservatives, drugs, artificial colors/flavours and Personal Care Products...... 50 years ago our Nutrition was high on the scale and the Toxins were low.....Now it's the other way around...We have so many Harmful Toxic Chemicals in Products on the shelves in our super markets, and their is no government regulations.

Many synthetic chemicals are known to impact our hormonal system. Now researchers are uncovering effects on metabolic function that can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance ( a prediabetic condition), heart disease, and obesity.

Because I am very passionate about health, I love to help people to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle....My mission is to share information and solutions to those that desire optimum health through a wholistic approach.

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