Emily Simpson


Howdy everyone! Nice to see your lovely, bright faces behind those computer screens.

I'm a Bachelor of Film student currently studying at SAE Qantm Creative Media Institute. I've done many forms of art ranging from visual art to music and drama and that was how I discovered the art of the camera (and how I was better being BEHIND it).

I'm still a newbie in the world of film but I hope to work myself up and build a stable career. My only experience being that of making short films for fun in my spare time.

When it comes to films, I love everything about them. Films are beautiful, exceptional forms of art and to me the best part of them is the creation. Without all the people working behind those cameras, and in front of them, we wouldn't have something we so thoroughly enjoy.

My motto for Film, and for any art and creative based work, is to push the boundaries. Sure we have limits and we we have budgets but if you can take an idea and you push the expectations that society puts on an issue, you are creating in your own style.

  • Education
    • SAE Qantm