Simran Kaur

Life Sciences Professional in Canada

Simran Kaur carried out her doctoral research in the Goodman Cancer Research Center and Department of Biochemistry at McGill University. Combining cell based and biochemical assays, her dissertation focused on targeting DNA repair pathways with the aim of improving the efficacy of cancer treatments that damage DNA.

Simran received her Bachelors degree from the University of Arizona where she studied Molecular Biology and Computer Science. Following graduation, she worked in a laboratory studying early developmental processes in vertebrate embryos. Combining her bench and informatics skills, she helped build a database cataloging the temporal and spatial expression of genes during early chick embryo development.

Her next venture led her to the Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Program at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore where she focused on cancer - examining cell survival and growth pathways in this deadly disease.

Driven by a passion for research, a desire to lead research efforts in cancer and a need to explore new surroundings, in 2012, she found herself once again packing her bags for North America. This time, to embark on her doctoral studies in Montreal.

Besides academic research, Simran has also had wonderful forays into industry. As an intern at Genencor Inc. and Lonza Biologics, she contributed to efforts in improving protein production and the manufacturing of biologics.

Simran has co-authored 14 peer reviewed articles and 1 book chapter.

Simran is currently actively looking for opportunities in the life sciences sector. Drop her a line to connect!