Simran Jaising

New York, NY

In grade school, I brought strange Indian snacks to show and tell. In high school, I dragged groceries on the subway for 30 members of my weekly cooking club. In college, I founded a culinary society and dinner series with local farmers to re-engage classmates with ingredients in their food. My path begins and ends with the culinary arts; it is adorned with looping people in its richness.

I spent two years with online chef marketplace, Kitchensurfing. As an early employee, I helped establish trust and build our network of adoptees, recruiting and managing a network of hundreds of talented chefs. In my time there, I found myself honing my culinary passions with a new angle: leveraging technology to recognize and empower the culinary world — inspiring my latest endeavor, Chutney.

When I'm not food-ing, I'm connecting with my inner yogini: Meditation, Kundalini, Reiki.

  • Education
    • Colby College