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Simran Kaur


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Goal is to leave the world with my name written on it , memories in millions of hearts and smile on my face.

I live life in everything i do.

● Do what makes you happy ●

should be your life mantra .

" A life without an aim , is equivalent to merely existing " . A heart without beats is a life without a goal. Run after your dreams because they are worth chasing for .

Humans are given emotions not to keep them inside , but to express them , feel them and give them a voice .

Let the world see the world through your perspective . Let the diamond inside you shine .Let the inner force of your conscience be greater than the outer force of the world.

Because nobody wants to sit with their head held in hands at the age of 50, realising we should have listen to our heart .

i Personally believe that one should accept everyone they meet the way they are, as we are no one to judge anyone.


love your flaws and love people with their flaws.

Why not be a sunshine in someone's life, who is facing a rainy day today in their journey and make them smile. ?

Keep no place for regrets and yor heart clean . Humanity should be your religion.

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  • Education
    • Queen mary's school , guru tegh bahadur institute of technology