An ambitious and independent woman, with a fire in her belly to make a mark in the world by means of her ideas, words, and her smile.

She aspires to become an "entrepreneur" as she wasn't born to fit the "JOB" world. She finds recluse in Poetry, through which she can express her emotions in the purest form. Nothing has been mainstream in her life, and if life becomes so- she changes it!

Unafraid to take risks in life she calls herself an adrenaline-junkie. She finds company in books, and friends in characters of the novel. A highly imaginative and creative individual, who is at the same time too brash and bold to voice her thoughts out to the world!

A believer in "Pantheism" , she identifies optimism as faith.

Truly living up to the characteristics of an Aries woman- confident, fiery, bold, spontaneous, independent, magnetic, impulsive, - she believes in achieving the unachievable.

Her hobbies include- singing, dancing, sketching. And not to forget- She is a patriot at heart too! A movie buff, she loves to explore beyond boundaries.

Presently, just an undergraduate management student in Delhi University!

Stay crazy!

Stay Simran!