Sim Sandhu

Vancouver, B.C.

I began my Real Estate career in Vancouver B.C. at a very young age. I was always intrigued by Real Estate growing up and had visions of growing a Real Estate empire. My main focus has always been to be my own boss and become a successful entrepreneur.

As I was growing up, I watched my parents run a very successful Transportation business in Prince George. Life was full of surprises growing up. We had an acreage in the country and loved life without any worries. We had it all until one day in 1999. Things came to a hault after my parents had to file bankruptcy and leave town to start a new life in Vancouver, B.C. The hardest part for me was watching my family struggle and live in basements/homes which were rented out for a good 8 years. One day in 2007, my dad had an opportunity do a RENT TO OWN on a house. Rent To Own was the only choice he had since the banks were not financing him.

Since then my parents have had a successful RENT TO OWN experience. That's what I call a success story. The best feeling in the world is to get back on your feet and fight your struggles like a warrior.

I have now decided to run my own RENT TO OWN business which has become a success. My goal is to help everyone such as new immigrants, divorcees, business owners, people who have gone through bankruptcy/foreclosure, and experiencing poor credit get into a HOME.

To be able to help people while doing what I am doing is certainly my main focus and joy! Let me share with you a little bit about what I do:

"As the economy and market continues to change and getting financing from the banks become stricter, making loans harder to be approved for, we understand that some people might feel that renting a property is the way to go. But have you ever considered how much money you put in to renting and how much money actually goes back to you?

We see that there is a strong increase in the demand of people wanting to get out of the vicious renting cycle but don't know where to begin, thus, this is where we come in to serve people like you in bridging the gap between renting and owning!

We are Rent to Own Specialists located in Vancouver, B.C. We help individuals and families alike get into home ownership sooner rather than later even when the banks say 'no'. The last thing we want to see is people spending all their hard-earned money and getting ZERO put back in their pocket..."

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