Lisa Sims

Lisa Sims

As a partner with Simson Training Group, I get to spend my days working with a highly talented team who make it their mission to help others succeed – Communication coaches, Presentation experts, and phenomenal facilitators who bring out the special skills and talents of every person trained and coached!

Over the course of our varied careers in leading, teaching, and managing, we have learned from so many great leaders, followers, communicators, and those on their personal and corporate journeys toward diversity and inclusion: all with an aim to enhance their business while growing individually.

What we learned from our experiences, successes and even missteps has shaped our vision for the most impactful, usable, sustainable and easily transferable training experiences: Move BEYOND traditional leadership training to create an inspired, committed, community of leaders, ready and able to create fabled operations.

I live this vision every day, both professionally and personally!

During my time in Human Resources and Leadership Training, I have observed that the most successful organizations are those which utilize the skills and talents of the entire organization. To that end, I have worked to develop interactive learning experiences that improve awareness about the impact of differences and the destructive “isms” in personal and professional interactions. My goal, for every class is to help leaders expand their perspective and perceptiveness so that they can make a productive difference in their work environments.

All of us have something to give. All of us have a passion. I’m so grateful to be able to use my passion to help organizations, big and small, on their unique paths to grow, sustain, and prosper: grow their skills, sustain the application of lessons learned in class, and prosper both internally and in the marketplace.