Cleo Sap

The name's Cleo!

What do I do?:

I'm a young, shock-artist who uses the value of sex and anything raunchy to, well... Shock! The very purpose of my work is to stir a reaction!

What does my work consist of?:

My current series is on the notorious Adolf Hitler. Yes, a name that many of us have heard. The name that was responsible for the biggest artocities that history has ever recorded. Although he may not be with us (thank god), his horrifying actions are forever remembered. An forever stand as an example of the evils in the world.

Why do I do it?:

My artwork is created for purely degrading this man, and well, anyone alike.

I am not, in any way, promoting Hitler's radical and disgusting views. I am here to poke fun at the man who was responsible for the near eradication of my relatives.

I do not mean to be insensitive about those of Jewish decent. I, myself, am Jewish. This event affected my family greatly at the time, and it indeed still affects me/my family today.

But as a form of release, or a vent (if you so wish to call it that). I dehumanize Hitler. Put him in odd and disgusting situations as a huge "fuck you" to him.

(Many situations that he would have most likely shat himself over. Lmao.)

Why Hitler?:

To be honest, I was watching a documentary on Hitler and his mental health. (Which wasn't so healthy, duh)

Since then, I have also grown an interest in digging up dirt on this man. (It's a normal thing for me. To spend hours researching things that fascinate me.)

Hitler was... Strange, to say the least. His mind is so fascinating, and quite ironic. It's interesting how most of his own personal issues contributed to his radical decisions on behalf of what he though was the "minority".

(Of course, I express this ironicness in my art.)


So, just to put this out there, (since I have been dealing with a lot of people who believe that I am mocking those who have suffered the tragic event of the Holocaust) I am in no way "fangirling" or supporting Adolf Hitler. My work is purely for mocking him in extremely ironic, and sometimes, hilarious ways.

Do not confuse the concept of demeaning the man who was responsible with demeaning those who were the victims.

Ah I hope somewhere, Adolf Hitler is wallowing in his grave (or in hell, either will do) because of my art. :,^)

I need a new hobby.