Sinah Iskuhi Kramer

Designer and Art Director in Berlin, Deutschland

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My name is Sinah Iskuhi Kramer.

I am freelance designer. I work for advertising agencies, online creative agencies and customers in the field of culture and arts. Besides that I am active for a social project and therefor I am engaged in fundraising campaigning. I like my work and the people I am working with.

In 2016 I traveled converted van through several european countries and worked besides for local clients as well as clients in Germany. I know how to handle deadlines, appointments, teams and wireless internet access from McDonald's restaurants and self-service laundries.

This personal work-and-travel-project turned out to be the perfect training to find out who you are, who you can be, what you’re surprisingly good at and what is important for work and for life.

For now I am living and working in Berlin. Berlin is where I graduated, where my family lives, and where my network is located.

I am looking for tasks and challenges, chances to develop my leadership skills and I love motion pictures and playing the violin. I am happy to meet new clients and cooperations to realize projects with high level design and conception.

Please check out my portfolio and feel free to contact me to start a working group.