Sinan Sahin

Eppelheim (Baden Württemberg)

My name is Sinan Sahin, I am 33 years old and I´m studying since summer term 2011 at the University of Education in Heidelberg. I was born in Bad Dürkheim an der Weinstraße which is a lovely place in South-West- Germany. Bad Dürkheim is the name of the place and the addition of “an der Weinstrasse” means “at the vine street”. That means that my birthplace is located along a beautiful 85 km long vine road. Even though I was born in Germany my origin is Turkey. My parents came 35 years ago to Germany and two years later I was born. I´ve got 6 sister and no brother (poor me). Furthermore I´ve got 6 nieces and 2 nephews who I love really much. All in all I can say that we are a big family :-)

Now you surely ask yourself what I did do before my studies? Well I did a three years in-service training as a media designer, specialized on print media. During this time I learned a lot about media and how to work with different graphic programme like Adobe Photoshop an image editing software. After I´ve successfully finished my training I worked as a print media designer for four further years till I realized that working with a computer the whole day is not the right thing for me. I then decided to go back to school in order to do my “Abitur”, a degree which one needs to be qualified to study for example teaching post what I do at the moment.

My subjects at the university are German, English and Ethics/Philosophy and due to the fact that I study English I had to spend minimum three months in an English speaking country which I did recently. I went for a teaching practice to a secondary school in Tenby Wales for the time from April to July 2013. This experience was an enormous enrichment for me, both personal and professional. It opened my horizon and I learned to appreciate the importance of such outgoings. Therefore I did another teaching practice in Vilnius/Lithuania from September 16th to October 04th 2013. I like to recommend everybody who has got the opportunity to go abroad to do so.

My expectations for the Telecollaboration class are to learn how to communicate in a telecollaborative project, to acquire intercultural communicative competences, to organize one by myself in time, to learn the advantages and disadvantages or rather challenges of such a project, to use new media in the classroom and to get to know people of another country and culture while using the second acquired language English.

  • Education
    • Student at the University of Education in Heidelberg