sinAsylum Corporation

sinAsylum Corporation owns and operates a large network of Internet brands including, DMI Web Services, TravelCurrent, TryNetworks and other online businesses.

Our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to people via media, entertainment, business solutions, public service and education has been ingrained in every sinAsylum business from our inception. Founded by partners in the music industry, our history traces back into the early nineteen-seventies. Three decades later, sinAsylum steadily grows stronger with each new day.

Company interests include interactive online media, mobile entertainment, finance and real estate, small business solutions, audiovisual and event technology, shopping/e-commerce, online marketing, and new avenues of growth have developed rapidly with the addition of local search media, as well as many search and directory services.

While parenting and managing an extensive list of companies, we have built our foundation upon an openness to creative ideas and honesty to achieve the best response and results. We put everything through the filter when it comes to running our businesses, because you only get one chance to make a good impression. We find the best people for the job, equip ourselves with the right tools to accomplish the best results in every opportunity we take part in.

In recent years sinAsylum Corporation has added many new members to the family. Beginning in 2001, a series of mergers and acquisitions took place and has had an outcome of great proportions. With these new additions sinAsylum has not only improved it's standards of doing business, but it has also increased it's ability to do more business by providing additional, improved services than in the past.

With millions served through our global network sinAsylum is widely regarded as a leader in all that we do. We lead with skill and confidence.