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Electronic Cigarette Lounge by Sinbad Vapor provides you a platform where you can help yourself to leave your smoking addiction by using our E-Cigarette devices. We are providing large number of flavors for you to enjoy your cigarettes with different flavors. This provide you real pleasure and help you to leave smoking and let your belongings and known passive smoking free life.

We are providing customization products and devices based on customer requirements. We are able to give you customized device designs, batteries, tanks, flavors, pipes, spare parts.

Our customers can organize the events, parties, kitties and serve our flavored e-cigarettes and enjoy the freshness without any ashes smell. You can use it your home with your children and other belongings providing them smoke free environment. You can use this at offices and cars or bus as well and spread fragrance of healthy environment.

We provide awesome ambiance at our stores where customers can test our products with music, television, Free Coffee, Free Wi-Fi.

We provide below mentioned Products for E-Cigarette.

E Cigarette vapor lounge sinbad vapors

E Cigarette Juice sinbad vapors

E Liquid sinbad vapors

Kamry k1000 sinbad vapors

E Pipes sinbad vapors

E Cigarette mods sinbad vapors

RDA TANKS sinbad vapors



MECHANICAL MODS sinbad vapors

SPARE PARTS sinbad vapors

TANKS sinbad vapors