Sincere Conner

Artist and Musician in North Carolina

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Sincere Connor is the new leading music recording studio with full service professional recording, beat production, artist development, mixing and mastering and more.

The Company offers a wide range of film and video content, for TV shows, commercials, promotional, marketing and music videos.

From pre-production to the post production, the company is providing a host of creative video and film services including creative producer, director, equipment, audio, studio, filming and aerial photography and videography, editing, motion graphics and much more.

Sincere Connor is a beautiful, recording studio located in Charlotte. The control room provides both digital and analog 24-track recording and has a wide selection of outboard gear crucial for today’s demanding production standards.

Whether you're tracking or mixing on our automated console, or digital editing, you'll find the necessary equipment to get the job done - the way you want to hear it. The Studio fieldstone fireplace, wood floors and cathedral ceiling provide a beautiful natural sounding space.

Recording Studio North Carolina gives you the true sound of the professional recording industry. From gut pounding club level playback to the true sounds of analog with digital HD, to the reviews. Sincere Connor hears your project and get the sound you need on the spot guaranteed.

We have an excellent studio for private projects, radio commercials, video documentaries and musical voice overs. This studio is extremely quiet and can have a capability for a quality sound production. This private recording space is perfect to fit the moods with changing colors.

There is a comfortable lounge for the clients. With fresh baked refreshments, multiple flat screens, movies of your choice, music videos, TV channels or to listen in on sessions from studios in full HD quality.