Clovette Meikle

Los Angeles

Welcome to my page. I truly heart you for gracing my page with your presence.

My name is Clovette. I have many users, i.e Co-Co, Clo, Chloe, Clo-veezy. And, the new and very much welcomed addition "The Confident Davinci".

It's more important to understand a person than to think

you know them.

Reading this is a shy cry away from meeting me in person. However, I do pray that your time here is one counted as GOOD.

I was born and raised on the dirty streets of Harlem, NY. Though, I currently live in Los Angeles, CA, I am a proud NewYorker. Growing up in New York was a huge catalyst in me creating the rock-solid foundation (confidence) I stand on this very day. One of the biggest lessons I learned walking the pavements of New York was to simply be myself. Life tends to bring us many tribulations. And, from time to time our trials come in such a way that we forget who we are at our core.

Being a survivor of 3rd degree burns on my face and hands I became present to this fact early on. In addition to being a burn survivor I am also a transformer. Everyday, every moment I stand for the possibility of transformation. I breathe, I live, my footsteps count CHANGE. My days, nights, seconds are spent realizing my potential, powerfully assisting those in my circle to do the same.

I have and am actively over coming every obstacle that has been placed before me. I am breaking generational curses. I am a voice for "You can be it, do it.....CHANGE.

I'm supposed to be dead, in jail, drunk, drugged up, laid up under some purposeless woe of a guy.

I was raised in an environment where being mentally, spiritually dead was gladly chosen-Alcohol, Aggression, & Drugs was the dessert of the day......Continually.-

I am a living statement that one's past does not hinder their future.

Drake said it best: "No matter how dirty your past, Your future is still spotless."


You & I have an awesome opportunity to take on the responsibility of creating a name, a future worth speaking of.

In closing,

I love you. I am honored to be on this journey with you.

I would love to hear from you. So, what's your story? What freedom path are you on?

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