Reiko Kobayashi

Greetings, reader! ♡

My name is Reiko Tiarakusumah Kobayashi, but I go by Reiko. I am Japanese-Indonesian currently living in Vietnam and loving life. My family often move from place to place as a result of my dad's job, which in return, benefits me as I become more exposed to various cultures! There's always a misconception that I'm 8 years old or below but no, much to everyone's surprise, I am actually 16.

I have a knack for writing, eating, sleeping, traveling and breathing. As much as I like to socialize, I prefer to sit behind my laptop and binge watch, whether I'm feeling political and watching House of Cards, feeling violent and watching Game of Thrones or in the mood of bawling my eyes out to a Nicholas Sparks movie, it all depends.

In the foreseeable future, hopefully, I'll be attending the University of Oregon - fingers crossed - majoring in something along the lines of journalism, communications and psychology.

I guess I'm the average 16-year old teenager everyone knows, but I promise you I'm a little extra ordinary! For more, check out my blog linked down below. Also, stop by any of my social media sites, or drop me an e-mail and we can talk!

That's it for now.


Reiko ♡