Sinclair Buntin

I was born in Atlanta on December 7th, 1993. Growing up I believe both my brother and I both had a very good childhood, going on many trips as well as simply playing with friends.

I was introduced to the violin in 6th grade. I've played violin for around seven years now. Through the violin I've met many wonderful people, played in some amazing events, and learned more about myself through the music. It is a constant challenge for me to learn and master a new piece of music. It has showed me my love for music.

Tennis is another passions of mine. I met my tennis coach Paul, whom later offered me a job as assistant tennis coach. Through this job I've also gained many skills in life through coaching and giving lessons to little kids. My involvement in my high school's tennis team has had an impact on me. I've bonded through many close tournaments and matches with these teammates and I have an incredible amount of stories and memories I'll cherish from being on the team.

My third passion is rock climbing. I only just recently got into rock climbing last April during spring break of my senior year of high school. The reason why I enjoy rock climbing extensively is because of my competitive nature. Instead of me playing against another human being in tennis for example, I take away that aspect by only making it me against the wall. I'm constantly challenging myself to work harder and complete more difficult courses.

Also there have been many experiences that have helped transform me into who I am, many of them involving my family, friends, and relationships. My grandpa Pop, for instance, is a role model in my life who I love spending time with. The skiing trips, chaperoning of my Orchestra New York trip, and constant trips to their lake house has all made countless memories I never want to forget.

Animals are very special to my heart as I've been fortunate enough to have the experience of pets throughout my life. That is why I wish to become a veterinarian. To help animals and other people enjoy the nice experiences I've had with my pets.

These are only a few things that are very special to me. The main theme behind my favorite song is that "life happens in a blink," and nobody is going to remember what specific things we've bought or done, rather how we've made them feel and the memorable experiences we've shared. Knowing this has made me happier and I've been enjoying every second of life.