Jack Sinclair

I am a professional photographer, amateur filmmaker who combines both skills into digital stories. I grew up surrounded by stories being read to and by me. Now I am trying to make into the digital age by helping people tell the stories they want to tell through the visual landscape.

Being in my 20's in this digital age, I fell down the digital rabbit hole early on and keep going further and further. Hence why I am on here. I can help people in the social and digital space while it keeps change.

I have been fortunate to have traveled a great amount in my life. It has allowed me to have a great perspective on life and how I can try to help others.

I grew up loving books both fiction and non, films, history, music, politics, sports, television and more. I am a pop-culture enthusiast. I frequently make references in daily life and I am not shy about it. Fact: The Wire has opened people's eyes not just to the drug trade but also the morality issues in America.

I am a geek in many different fashions. For example, I love Tolkien and currently reading the Song of Fire and Ice series. But my geekdom extends to hip/hop as well. I read books about the genre of music. I love the lyrics of good hip/hop. I studied the semantics and poetry of hip/hop. I explicate them at times. I use my English major in this way. I geek out over movies that I love. I research all about them and love them even more. Terrance Malick films are the perfect examples of that. I am a social media guru.

Not sure what else to tell you.