Chris Knight

San Francisco

Native Bostonian (specifically, Maldonian) living in the city by the bay. I am a sociologist and (gender and women’s studies-ist?) by training, a facilitator by accident, and an investor in people by choice.

I am primarily guided by what I learn through my connection to others and my interconnectedness with my universe. I love learning about a person’s religious journey, talking politics (respectfully), and helping my neighbors grow.

I am an avid watcher of C-SPAN. I find myself down the rabbit-hole of fantasy baseball more than a couple times a week (yes, even in the off-season). And I’ve been known to start the weekend with a proper cocktail – typically a manhattan or a [very] dry martini.

If you can't find me in SF, check Boston. If you still can't find me, email me! ( I am happy to connect for potential partnerships, info interviews, or curious questions.


FAQ: What's with "Sinclair"?

There are just about a bajillion Chris Knights in this world. Don't believe me? Go to FB, search Chris Knight, and see if you can scroll all the way to the bottom before you give up. Seriously, it's absurd. So, online you can find me most places as "sinclairknight." Sinclair is my middle name, a family name, and I'm very proud of it. But, you ask, do people actually call me that? Shout it out and you'll see!