Lee Sinden

Kent United Kingdom

My name is Lee and I come from the sunny town of Hastings in the south east of England. I wanted to broaden my horizons and travel the world and have been very lucky to visit many countries. I started out on an 8 month trip around the world covering South East Asia, Australia, NZ and South america. This was an an absolutely amazing experience. Bolivia and Vietnam were the highlights. I saw some great things including jungles, waterfalls, monuments, lakes, travelled a death road, saw pink dolphins, climbed mountains, climbed a glacier, ate great food, relaxed on amazing beaches and so much more. Open your eyes and see the world if you get the opportunity. I had caught the bug and it wasnt a case of wanting to travel it was that I no had to. I spent six weeks in India, which has such a rich culture full of vibrant coulours, smells and tastes. The landscapes are unbelievable although dont expect an easy ride as you have to work for the privilege, but its most definitely worth it. Ethiopia the next destination and my experience b;ew away all the misconceptions. Most thought i was mad goimg to this arid desperate country. Their view based on the many appeals we see every day, but the truth is quite the opposite. I saw rich green landscapes, many people living simple lives, but prepared to offer all they had as the most beautiful smile beamed from their faces. There is a great deal of history, a strong belief in God and a thurst for knowledge from the most intelligent children, This had to be one of my favourite countries to visit, I have also been on shorter trips to Marrakesch, Dublin, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Rome, Berlin and many parts of England. I hope to keep on going until my legs tell me to stop.

  • Education
    • Degree in Sports development