Sindhi Adelia

Hello My Name is Sindhi Adelia. I used to be called Sindhi or Ceceh. Christiany.Indonesian. I was born in Bogor on 14th May 1996. I was the first child of two childern. I live in cibinong-bogor precisely in kel.ciriung Rt 04/09. Very ambitious to become a doctor * amen *. My favorite color is brown and gray. interested in all that spicy food, I think it's delicious spicy and made ​​me feel sexy * LOL * Too much love for hanging out and cooking,really like to do it.I was the one that is difficult to regulate and dampen emotions, because I really hate the person who easily makes me emotional. In friends, I'm not picky. For me the important thing is the sense of a friendship, mutual complement, mutual aid, and solidarity. I really love my family, especially mom☺

let's be my friend guys!