Zack "Sindrolik" Peters

Ottawa, Canada

My name is Zackary "Sindrolik" Peters. I'm a business student and an eSports community coordinator for a website called The Futon Alliance. I manage the DotA 2 team for TFA as well.

Curiosity from someone that doesn't come from the net would likely ask "Why is Sindrolik part of your name?" In the world of eSports you have to make your own name. You have to do that to an extent in the world of business, but in eSports you have to do that literally. Every player, manager and personality has their own unique name that connects them to the rest of the net.

In my eyes the world thrives on passion. Passionate people create passionate things that in turn other people become passionate about. That cycle never ends because there will always be a ferociously passionate and creative person out there that will make something beautiful.

My work history consists of everything from labor to retail sales, and right through to a newfound love for online marketing.

I truly believe that passion is something you can inspire in others, and I strive to inspire at least one person everyday.

  • Work
    • The Futon Alliance
  • Education
    • Management & Entrepreneurship - Algonquin College