Sanja Drakulović

Android Developer, Karaoke DJ, and Choir Singer in Belgrade, Serbia

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Talented for more things than she has time to work on - music, technology, languages, knitting.

Used to be a great mechanical engineering student, graduated with high grades on motor vehicles department.

Due to political and economy crisis in the country got infected with karaoke and became the karaoke DJ.

Learning junkie - Internet technologies, PHP Web Development, more than 20 online courses in IT, music and personal development (learning, business, nutrition, psychology etc). Since she fell in love with Android Development, she focused learning to it.

Active in local communities - Twitter, meetups, slack, Mensa.

Attended 5 Android conferences - MobiConf Sofia, DroidCon in Vienna, Berlin, London (2x).

High spirited realist.

Loves: hard rock, quality music, meat, travelling, seaside, all animals except insects, sincerity, challenges, interesting jobs, interesting people, warm weather, swimming, tropical fruit.

Dislikes: liars and cheaters, insects, people who sing out of tune, winter, folk music, hard physical work, flowers, air-conditioning.