Tonya Penwolfe

Phoenix, Arizona

Being with my friends and family & experiencing life with them are what I'm about. I learned quite young that THEY were what was most important in life, as my father worked for catholic Relief Services and as a child, for short periods, we lived and helped many villages in India and Pakistan learn basic, modern farming/fertilizing (I had tons of fun placing cow patty's in strategic places on many a farm, lol. For a 7 year ofl, getting that kind of dirty was the LIFE!! woowoo! ), healthcare and well bulding. It was an experience, who's sometimes harsh but mostly incredible life lessons I'll never forget.

I'm a Very, <coughs, givng you a big grin> "unique," - at least that how I and my friends think about how I think, lol- unbiased, indivualistic, childishly playful, 46 year old teenager. O.o <giggles> So, Neiner to all of you "grown-ups," because I REFUSE to join you!

I love the gothic/renaissance and sometimes victorian look and style (­ ), as well as the new age-y pagan lifestyle, though anything, mmm, dark? and different suites me just fine. I've enjoyed playing/volunteering for the Renaissance faires in both S. Cal and Arizona in the Guild of St. Cuthberts. We did the pageants and parades and it was always a blast! I do miss it. I would have joined the SCA, when Iw as able to be more active but, no one out in my areas of AZ and CA taught broadsword fighting, which is what I was really interested in so I kinda just gave that up and used it while RPG'ing. Yup, I'm a Geeky nerd-ball. :)

As for religion or political ideals: call me a laid back, loving, universalist - if it goes along with our social ideas of what good is (you don't just go murder someone 'cause you think its a fun night out), like: you always look out for your neighbor, commnity, & anyone in need W/O the need or want for recompense etc.) then it's all good by me.

Art (Non-computerized is my Favorite), Theatre, Movies, Books, Animals, Photography - especially Old photos and "death books" (yeah, morbid but Fascinating!!), Camping, Museums,Adventuring & OLD football are my thing...Basically, going out and playing like you're Never growing old. I know IM not! Pbzzt! :P

Oh, and speaking of the arts (yes, following my lines of conversation is totally crazypants, sometimes so if you CAN follow along, you have MAD Skillz!), there's a comic strip drawer/writer and, all around artist, who you should REAL

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