singapore sagg

Singapore Art Garret Gallery (SAGG)VIRTUAL is a seriously emerging boutique art gallery which was founded in the garret of a conservation shophouse in Little India, Singapore, 2o1o by Brit Artist Jane Walker, whose professional studio practice has been based in the Lion City for over 13 years. Jane has a seriously emerging profile and a lifelong love of Singapore, it's culture and it's arts. Jane is an artist, gallerist, curator, photographer, designer, typographer writer, arts, historian (south east Asian specialism) and art mentor to many professional and emerging artists in Singapore. Jane's own practice has an inter national client base and her paintings have been collected and commissioned from all over the world. Jane Walker (jw) is a unique brand in herself. Her expertise and deep passion and understanding mean she can connect at all levels to the art world.

Singapore Art Garret Gallery (SAGG) participates in Singapore and London Art Fairs, as well as hosting private shows for emerging and established artists. Singapore SAGG is proud to have hosted the very first two POP-UP shows in Singapore