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Explore the hidden mystery at Niah Caves, Malaysia

One of Borneo's (Island in Malaysia) many and diversified natural wonders, the Niah Caves are a system of enormous colossal underground chambers containing some of the prehistoric human remains ever found in Malaysia. Wow! Sounds scintillating!

Wait not! Just pack your bags and start your speedy expedition towards Miri in Malaysia, you can take a hotel in Miri and visit Niah Caves. This will be awesome!

How to travel to Miri? Just take a bus, book tickets online from redbus, I have used this, it’s easy and smooth, just take tickets in advance.

Once the travelling tensions are decreased, just plan your trip to Niah Caves and explore all possible hidden mysteries of the past. Carry a torchlight with you, the Caves are dense and deep dark, you will see the age-old insects and various other old methods practiced by ancient age. Will take you back into the past!

The initial excavations into the Niah caves began during 50's and 60's with evidence of human habitation in the caves were found including cave paintings and remains. The natural caves have been always compelling for Homo sapiens from cavemen to happy tourists with camera of today.

The caves are located amongst the jungle wilds spread across the Sungai Niah River. A long boardwalk path winding several kilometers through a beautiful rainforest leads to the caves. Iridescent butterflies, flying lizards, wild orchids and unusual fungi are some of the sights that will enchant your eyes on the way.

The beauty of the popular caves is awe-inspiring. The entrance to the main "Great Cave" is dozens of meters tall, inviting metaphorical measures such as how many tall buildings, or other huge structures could fit in it. No matter how one describes the caves, it is likely that it will be suffused with a sense of amazement.