Danny Singer


Formally trained in Pure Mathematics I can see the beauty of abstraction. I am intrigued by ways in which abstraction can be used to simplify things that may look difficult, complex or impenetrable at the practical level.

Counterintuitive? Not at all. This is why I set up Noetica many years ago in order to put this way of thinking into action. The software that my long suffering team has created uses this simple principle to bring clarity to the unnecessarily intricate world of interactive business processes.

In particular, we are tackling the way in which organisations interact with their customers through contact centres whether over the phone or over the web. I like to think that we bring some mathematical rigour to a discipline which has traditionally been plagued by vagueness and unnecessary complexity.

Noetica is a British company trading worldwide, providing call centre solutions including call scripting, telephony, diallers, CRM and multichannel capabilities in a holistic and coherent way across markets.

In the rare moments when I don't concentrate on Noetica, I like to present an easy target of ridicule and abuse for my two young daughters as well as maintain my grass tennis court (and occasionally play on it), dream about sailing or read almost anything that Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins ever committed to paper.

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