Abhibhav Singh

Ghaziabad, India

Ok, so its the "about me" corner of my profile finally i found it. But I don't understand why i'm updating it now, After so many years!! Yeah, may be because i read an article which says, people (specially 'girls') tends to think that the person is laZy if he doesn't write anything in his bio!! Seriously??? you actually think so! I just wonder where these researches come from?! God help them! Anyways, here i'm writing few things not just because i'm dying to tell stuffs about me. Hell NO!! But to show u "I am not laZy". I was born on some day middle of the year (see d.0.b), did my schooling (YES, I'm literate! Whats so surprising?), doing "ENGINEERING" (i know! i know! i should be ashamed of it but hey, engineering is not a cakewalk, dude!!) not really sure about the job! But one thing i'm sure of, I'M NOT LAZY (can't u see i'm writing)!! . . . . . . . . . What you still wanna know more?! Goddd!! U r so retarded!! Go n do something more fruitful!! > I like listening songs(big deal!! Everyone likes it). > I like watching movie(iff its in BRrip quality). > I play games!(i still have a kid in me). Blah...Blah...Blah... I'll keep on going!!! But i seriously think you should do something more productive then reading my bio! "EXAM MAE YE NAHI AAYEGA!" > I like my phone..(Dell XCD28, yes! Dell ke bhi phone aate hai) > I like talking to myself (atleast i'm dealing with a better class of people). > I dont like maggie! (But its a "social meal" can't help it out) > I dont drink, smoke or do drugs! (Uncle/Aunts, if r rich n reading this! I promise, ill be a good son-in-law) > Got my licence some time ago (so, u shouldn't fear sending your daughter out with me now!!) > I hate liars, still i love myself! (Exceptions are always there). And yes i dont like you! Probably ill never see you.. I’m indifferent to most items on the planet. Some people call me a Social Media Guru. I don’t correct them. Okay! Bye now!!! P.S. I am not lazy!! Its just that i dont waste my energy! ;)

  • Education
    • Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad
    • Bharat National Public School
    • Krishna Engineering College