Bahadur Singh

Entrepreneur, President, and Community Leader in Salem, Oregon

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Bahadur Singh is the founder of One Beat Dasmesh Charitable Hospital, President of the Salem Sikh Temple, and local business owner in Salem, Oregon.

In 1999, Bahadur Singh moved to Salem, Oregon. He launched a local business empire which provided him with a network in the community. Bahadur Singh is also the president of the local Sikh temple Dasmesh Darbar, the largest in Oregon. Here, he helps other Sikhs get into business. In October of 2005, Bahadur and others got a loan to purchase a former Lutheran church on Oakhill Avenue, which they turned into Salem’s first Sikh temple, Dasmesh Darbar Sikh Temple, the biggest in Oregon. This temple not only provided a temple closer in distance than Vancouver, Washington, but also drew local Sikh families in Oregon.

Bahadur Singh founded One Beat Dasmesh Charitable Hospital in India 2014. One Beat is the only medical facility in and around his home town. He currently devotes most of his time on this project, visiting India several times a year to tend to his business and to see his four sisters. Starting this hospital has been a life-long pursuit for him. The hospital is currently thriving, providing around the clock medical care for their patients. It is registered with the UP government, has a 24/7 Emergency room and much more.

"In 1699, the Khalsa [the collective body of initiated Sikhs] taught you have to be self-dependent, do not beg from somebody, work hard and share your wealth with others. It's kind of in our blood," Bahadur Singh explains, referring to the tendency of Sikhs to own businesses.

In addition to having an entrepreneurial spirit, Bahadur is extremely committed to ensuring happiness in his community. He even finds ways for those in his community to find work to earn a living. Please read Bahadur's blog here.

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