Charanjit Singh

My business cards in the past have said such things as sales manager, general manager and commercial director.

But when you get right down to it, I'm much more — I'm a marketer, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a design enthusiast and a technical geek (ask me about physics, data science, ioT, seriously).

I'm also a big believer in the power of branding.

I believe that we, as humans, don't buy "stuff." We don't make decisions based on features and benefits. We make decisions based on emotion, "gut feel" and brand promise.

We buy when we are moved. We buy when we are captivated and engaged to the point that we drop whatever it is we're doing and say, "Oh, heck yes. I need me some of THAT."

And so I try to engage people and companies how to create that reaction through the medium of paper and print. I try to influence creative directors and entrepreneurs on how to communicate their brands in memorable, engaging, and high personality ways, so that they will attract the right audiences and move them toward their core goals.

If you ever want to talk papers, print or branding ,I'm right over at You can also find me at