gagan singh

Medford, Massachusetts

Gagan Singh is a charismatic entrepreneur who founded Dynamic Computer Services (formerly known as Dynamic Computers) in 2005. He has worked hard to establish his business in last few years and today has number of reputed clients. Company offers technology support, services and solutions to its clients in Massachusetts region from its office located in Medford. Gagan is a visionary who wants to expand his business and has an eye to judge right opportunities; company is a growing business concern, which is looking for expansion at this point of time. Gagan has good work experience in technology and sales environment, prior to founding Dynamic computers, Gagan has successfully worked in US business environment, he has strong background in selling Software products, services and solutions. Under leadership of Gagan; Dynamic computer services has developed regular clientele in last few years by focusing on efficient delivery. Gagan has strong IT back ground and is hand on professional who is well familiar with Windows, Macintosh and mobile computing environments. Gagan has strong experience in data integration, regulatory and compliance environments like HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley. our contact phone is 781-333-4119