Manjot Singh

Research Assistant and Intern in New York

I am a versatile Electrical Engineer with his head in Embedded land. I am very proficient in writing C and C++ applications in multi-threaded environments, which has been FreeRTOS and Linux in the past. With my experience and skills in Advance Hardware System, Firmware Engineering and Analysis along with proficiency in writing codes, I am looking for an opportunity to work upon new and innovative projects. I always code with a mind towards reuse, to make code easily portable for the next project whenever possible. I've worked with a whole gamut of microcontrollers, from PICs to ATMEGAs to ARM Cortex.

I also have a passion for data analysis, as evidenced with my different projects. I also dabble a bit in Visual Studio land, where I designed a software who works along with a SQL database. I've coded in the past with low-level assembly language, VBScript, HTML, Python but my strong part is definitely C and VHDL programming.

  • Education
    • New York University